Francois Product Brands

Francois Product Brands

Our genuine bread series matures slowly by use of natural yeast.

Francois' efforts culminate in the series called Slow Bread. With the obsession "to use domestic wheat" and "to be made with only natural materials", along with the time consumed for the natural yeast to ferment, all of which creates a natural "melt-in-your-mouth feel from the texture and flavor" in what we produce.

Tomorrow's body, today's bread. Our 100% natural ingredients regular bread brand.

Without the use of synthetic additives at all, the regular bread series is made with only natural ingredients. The key is, dietary fiber and protein are derived from adding soy. "Eliminate the unnecessary, and take in the wise" which symbolizes the attitude of the brand Francois.

New chewy. New moist. Our brand of variety of sliced loaf bread.

The sliced loaf bread series made from natural ingredients only. Careful baking at a low temperature and giving the bread sufficient time, contributes to its soft moist taste. The melt-in-your-mouth feel results from the wheat's texture and natural taste and smell being fully extracted.

Delicious, fun, and healthy. Our snack bread brand.

The popular snack bread series is loved by kids and adults. The secret to its deliciousness is the use of our homemade materials and the additional human touch creating the handmade taste.

Zero preservatives. Our sandwich and hamburger brand.

Even the meat patties and egg salad are all made by us, resulting in the difference of deliciousness. The rich lineup is also one of the charms.


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