Francois' Commitment

Francois' Commitment

We pursue "healthy" and "great-tasting" bread making.

The aim of Francois is to make bread that can be safely consumed daily. Further to that, our aim is to produce bread that is not only delicious but also healthy. By eliminating unnecessary additives, the body takes in only good ingredients. Francois' bread is made with such thoughts

Let's eliminate additives from the body!

Francois is ahead of its competitors in conducting research toward the reduction of trans fatty acids. In 2002, we started use of our self-developed trans-fatty acid free (U.S. FDA standard) oil.

It's smart to take in the good stuff!

"Great tasting bread, with dietary fiber" is our concept, "Naturel" contains plenty of dietary fiber which is derived from soybeans and protein. Take in sufficient nutrition while enjoying tasty bread. Furthermore, breakfast is the time which is most effective for taking in nutrition.

We offer fresh tasty products.

Francois has created their own standard of making bread to provide great tasting bread to their customers. All in all, our aim in making tasty bread is to hear "Yum!" from our customers! At Francois, we spare no time or effort in doing so.


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